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On the Thursday after the third Sunday of Lent in 1099, the Pope summoned the whole clergy and all the inhabitants of Rome and set up an impressive procession that, with the crucifix at its head, went along the urban stretch of Via Flaminia until it reached the infested place.

There the Pope performed the rite of exorcism and then struck a determined blow at the root of the walnut tree.

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Fu dietro sua iniziativa che venne trasformata in basilica cristiana la grande aula rettangolare, originariamente coperta da un soffitto piano, illuminata da venti finestre collocate cinque su ogni lato e con pregevole decorazione marmorea nel registro inferiore.

Il nome Sessoriano viene da latino sedeo, ovvero "siedo" (cfr.

As the story goes the emperor was buried after his demise at the foot of the Pincian Hill in the mausoleum of his paternal family, the Domitii Ahenobarbi.

The sepulchre was later buried under a landslide and a huge walnut tree grew on the ruins that ″was so tall and sublime that no other plant exceeded it in any ways.″ The towering walnut soon became the haunt of a multitude of vicious demons harassing the inhabitants of the area and also the travelers arriving in the city from the north through Porta Flaminia: ″some were being frightened, possessed, cruelly beaten and injured, others almost strangled, or miserably killed.″ The actions of the demonic crowd endangered an important access of the city and also upset the entire population, causing serious concern to the newly elected pontiff, Paschal II who ″saw the flock of Christ committed to his watch, becoming prey to the infernal wolves.″ The Pope fasted and prayed for three days and at the end of that period, exhausted, he received a vision in his dream from the Blessed Virgin Mary who gave him detailed instructions to free the city from that scourge.

It stands on the north side of Piazza del Popolo, one of the most famous squares in the city.However, historians, scribes, statisticians, and weather experts for example, are very well aware of any changes in calendars and dates. The time periods vary as to when countries migrated from the Julian to Gregorian calendar.Spain, Italy, and France for example switched over in 1582.This means that the year 2,100, for example wouldn't be a leap year whereas in the Julian calendar format - it would be.So, the difference in the two calendar formats do not seem to be very profound.

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So, the Julian calendar many countries felt wasn't a true year so they made the change.

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