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My loves are my two beautiful amazing children who unfortunately live with their mother. I enjoy like ...45, male, Southampton, Hampshire Former professional sportsman now businessman / entrepreneur... Love helping people and bringing peace into situations which seem hopeless.

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I was in Goa once again, second time within 15 days. ” “In those days, aye.” That part, at least, was not hard to believe.… I wondered why Tanya didn’t answer it as I rolled over and searched blindly for the receiver.

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La Beouf was caught on camera snapping at a photographer who waited outside of the actor’s home to ask him if he’s dating Fox now that she’s divorcing Green, co-star, seemingly accusing La Beouf of being the reason behind Fox and Green’s split, causing the actor to last out at the dating claims.

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The word theology is derived from two Greek words: Theos (God) and logos (speech or reason).